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Server IP:
Port: 19132

Dogemine 2 is a Minecraft Crypto Server, This is where you can play Minecraft while earning Dogecoin With two GameModes Survival and Prison you can play on our server both Java and Bedrock Edition
So, Have fun and Make sure to Invite your friends to play together (play alone if you dont have any)

Website Updates (2)

Website Updates (2)

Hello Dogeminer!

We meet again after the last announcement and we are back with new updates to our Website, the one you use to read this post ?

So let's see what's changing from our website:


1. Advertisement

You will see bunch of Google ads on the website from now on, i know it's lil bit annoying but this is the way for us to generate revenue and pay our users, we set it to make the ads show smaller than it should have, so if you want to support our website you can click on the ads ?


2. Vote Reward Increase ?

Still with 50% chance but bigger rewards! Now you will get 0.1 DOGE per vote (if you are lucky enough), we will soon add more website to vote so you will gain more chance to earn more doge per 12 hours and help our server got view by others


3. Various Bug Fixes

We also fix some bug that show up for our website, such as the /r/n/r/n/r/n issue that showing up at the top of website and now it's gone ?


We wont be releasing such update if it werent for you guys to use the website and earn DOGE, we will keep posting updates and more news to the website and add more feature to it

And on the last note, our website reach 100 members registered on our website! ?, we are very exicted that people take a notice for our website and we want to keep inviting other to see Dogemine and play together

Then, Goodbye

Posted on January 20, 2022 by GameWatch