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Dogemine 2

Server IP:
Server IP:
Port: 19132

Dogemine 2 is a Minecraft Crypto Server, This is where you can play Minecraft while earning Dogecoin With two GameModes Survival and Prison you can play on our server both Java and Bedrock Edition
So, Have fun and Make sure to Invite your friends to play together (play alone if you dont have any)

Survival Updates

Survival Updates

Hello Dogeminer

It's Great to see you again at 2021, though this news is outdated but we want to add more content to our website, here are the Updates for Survival server:

- Tab Survival Server

We fix the Tab for players to see their ping and balance directly, this make a plus feature for tab in minecraft

- Miner Ranks

We also add Miner Rank for those who are a hardcore grinder to find ores and doge

Check out /mr price to buy the ranks and upgrade your earning (note: This is a monthly subscription)

- Spawn Remodeled

We also change the spawn model for survival, well maybe there is something hidden inside? who know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Rewards

We add more rewards for players to earn DOGE which they can earn by purchasing upgrades, for normal rank you will only get reward from Diamond, Gold and Emerald


That's the updates we release for now, stay tuned for next post and updates on the website and Discord

Posted on January 17, 2022 by GameWatch