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Dogemine 2

Server IP:
Server IP:
Port: 19132

Dogemine 2 is a Minecraft Crypto Server, This is where you can play Minecraft while earning Dogecoin With two GameModes Survival and Prison you can play on our server both Java and Bedrock Edition
So, Have fun and Make sure to Invite your friends to play together (play alone if you dont have any)

Prison Updates

Prison Updates

Hello Dogeminer

It's been a while since we make announcement for our prison updates

We working to make the prison server better from day to day and with user suggestion and critics

We also change exchange rate, rules, and many more

So here is the Summary for new updates:

Add NPC for prison, simplicity number one

Starter Kit is now available! Include:

-Wooden Pickaxe

-Wooden Sword

- Shield

- Leather Full Armor

Inventory Rollback, a backup inventory now added

Price for every block is buffed (we add 00 at the end for every items price)

Due to increasement of Selling rewards, we increase the ranks You can either choose to rankup or Withdraw imidietly

Now mobs spawn for mine A,B,C,D


This are the complete list we do for our prison server, we will back again by posting our Survival Release 

So stay tune!

Posted on August 22, 2021 by GameWatch
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