CryptoCraft has Launch!!

Hello crafter, on this day CryptoCraft has been launch and ready to use!

We have been working on the new website for this months and now it' time for us to announce the updates 

We got more features to offer and more reward for you to earn from! From our old manual faucet and autofaucet, to our new Offerwall and Games! 

Not only that, we also upgrade our referral link for those who want to sit back and relax while your referral do the job 

Since it's brand new, of course there will be error and bug you will see alongside the website, we are trying to fix all of them to give you the best experience on the website 

Not very different from our previous version, we will still giving you a minimized ad from our pages so that you can earn easily, we implement ad blocking to keep our website online 

We won't be here if you never come visit us in the first place, thanks to you that we work hard to bring you our best perfomance and make the best place to earn 

This is what we have for now, i will be here for a lot more for more content and updates, see you!